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Integrated Detection Systems

Meet Genesys

  • Integrated Detection Systems
  • Computers, Servers and PC Networks
  • Data Recovery from Damaged Hard Drives
  • Software and telecommunications security
  • Construction, maintenance and technical support of electronic automation


GENESYS, in addition to its forerunner in Computer Systems, Networks and IT Applications, is also a leader in Electronic Detection, Inspection and Security Systems.

GENESYS latest products are based on the computational power of the latest generation processors with TSMC ultra-low-power 40 nano-meter and transistor density.

One of these products is the integrated detection system for detecting explosive mixtures from LPG and / or Natural Gas.

One type is the gas detector, such as LPG, consisting mainly of propane, propylene, butane, and butylene in various blends. The second type is the natural gas detector, namely methane. The types of sensors used in the particular gas detectors are catalytic and are mainly used to detect explosive gases (at concentrations measured in % L.E.L.). Gas detection units have an interface module with a modem-router.

Genesys Innovation

A Pioneer idea

Meet the integrated  system for detecting explosive mixtures from LPG and Natural Gas.


14o KM Thessaloniki - Moudania(Eurotech)

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