The modern facilities of GENESYS are based in the EUROTECH Commercial and Business Center. EUROTECH is an innovative bioclimatic building that ensures thermal and visual comfort, with the most extensive use of passive cooling, heating and lighting systems. 

For this purpose it utilizes solar energy and the local climate, usually referred to as microclimate, as well as the properties of building materials and the ideal architectural design. 

GENESYS thus greatly restricts energy consumption for cooling / heating / dehumidification, using only its own thermal bodies for this purpose.

EUROTECH has loading / unloading ramps. The building is also clean for industrial use with underground and overhead freight corridors with CLARK Forklift Trucks. It has large and modern industrial elevator for freight and staff transportation. 

There are multipurpose auxiliary areas. The building has recreation facilities and WC toilets for disabled people with disabilities. 

EUROTECH has the latest security systems with closed camera circuit and alarm system. It also provides an electronic fire detection system, passive fire protection systems and emergency exits. Furthermore, there are advanced mechanical ventilation and ecological lighting systems, equipped with exclusive LED lighting.