GENESYS and its pioneer facilities had been based in the EUROTECH Commercial and Business Center. EUROTECH has been established at the Municipality of Thermi which is located in the City of Thessaloniki, Region of Central Macedonia.

The building of EUROTECH have areas for industrial use, with underground and above-ground freight corridors, crossed by Forklift Trucks (Clark). It has large and modern industrial elevators for freight and staff transportation.

GENESYS has nowadays been relocated, still within the Municipality of Thermi, to Trilofos of Thessaloniki, in privately owned premises. They are only 7 km away from the (under construction) 4th Generation International Technology Park “Thess INTEC”  in Perea, Thessaloniki.

The 4th Generation International Technology Park “Thess INTEC” is created in an area of 760 acres, next to the airport of Thessaloniki. There are currently about 100 companies and institutions that have expressed interest in coming to settle in this park, while together with universities and research institutes have formed 6 mega projects per field of technology, including nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, energy, and logistics.

In addition to the personnel of the facility in Trilofos of Thessaloniki, Genesys also collaborates with research staff of the University of Thessaloniki.